October 13, 2022

Healthy Halloween

With Halloween looming, it’s time to start thinking about which treats you’ll be handing out at home, during Trunk or Treat, at work, at school….basically everywhere there might be a […]
October 1, 2022

October is breast cancer awareness month!

Early detection is one of the best defenses against breast cancer. General recommendations for breast cancer screenings are a yearly mammogram for females over the age of 40 at average […]
September 23, 2022

Back to School Health Tips

School is already back in session.  I know it’s hard to believe, because time hasn’t seemed to function normally since mid-March, but here we are in late August, and school […]
November 5, 2021

Evolution of Karas Healthcare Covid Treatment Regiment

Evolution of Karas Healthcare Covid Treatment Regiment It wasn’t until about the end of April 2020 we started to get Covid cases in Arkansas. We had probably the first case in […]
February 26, 2021

What Have You Been Putting Off?

This past year has been disruptive, to say the least. Our daily routines, our health maintenance, our diets, our children’s lives, our entertainment options…..the list goes on. Now that things […]
January 5, 2021

A New Hope

So far, two COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for use in the US. These vaccines have received approval from the FDA for emergency use due to the ongoing pandemic. Both […]
October 29, 2020

10/29/20 And the Pandemic Continues…

I know we had all hoped that the pandemic would be over with after a couple months, but here we are, 8 plus months in, and it’s certainly not going […]
August 24, 2020

Back To School

It’s here at last! By now most of us have sent our kids back to school – either in person, virtually, or some sort of mix. This year is promising […]
July 13, 2020

Poison Ivy

“Leaves of Three, Let it Be!” The traditional summertime mantra for  hiking, canoeing, exploring, and gardening. In Arkansas, we have both Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, which have a characteristic […]
May 26, 2020

Dr Karas Sunshine Interview