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    Exercising in the Winter
    Exercising in the Winter The crisp Fall air is upon us! While I rejoice in the change of seasons, and nearly all that brings with it (Fall colors, Pumpkin Spice […]
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    Type 2 Diabetes
    Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of Diabetes, and 30.3 million Americans are currently diagnosed. Another 84.1 million Americans have Pre-Diabetes. Basically, Diabetes occurs when […]
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    When Your Resistance Goes Down
    When Your Resistance Goes Down When the flu goes thru your community why doesn’t everyone get it? When the people around you at work or school are coughing and sneezing, […]
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    How to Talk to Your Kids About Bad Behaviors
    How to Talk to Your Kids About Bad Behaviors With all of the troubling things in the news it can be difficult to know how to discuss such issues. Children […]
    RX: LAUGHTER You probably already knew that laughing feels good, but did you know it has actual therapeutic benefits? According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can help with relaxation by stimulating […]
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    Popular Diets
    Popular Diets There’s always a lot of talk going around about the latest diet. It usually starts with “New research has shown…” and then goes on to tout the wonderful […]
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    Have you ever wondered how much sleep our kids need? 
    Have you ever wondered how much sleep our kids need? As we head back into the new school year it is important that our kids get great sleep. Studies have […]
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    Sun Damage
    Sun Damage Sunburns hurt! Some people can get a sunburn after only 10-15 minutes in the sun! It is important to protect your skin while outdoors to prevent skin cancer […]
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    Healthy Eating
    Healthy Eating Healthy eating is imperative to overall health, however, for many of us, it is a chore.  Between meal planning in our already hectic lives, ignoring fast foods when […]
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    Strokes Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the US, and the leading cause of disability in adults. We all have an idea of what to do if […]