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Exercising in the Winter

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Exercising in the Winter

The crisp Fall air is upon us! While I rejoice in the change of seasons, and nearly all that brings with it (Fall colors, Pumpkin Spice Everything, Trick Or Treating, Hay Rides), there is something that I always dread. Exercising in the cold. The chilly (soon to be freezing) weather puts a damper on my exercise efforts every year. And exercise only becomes more important during the colder months, as it can help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, Depression and Anxiety around the Holidays, and those infamous Holiday calories. So I’ve come up with a list of tips to help keep us all active and healthy during the coming cold!

  1. Take full advantage of nicer weather when it comes. Seize the day for an outdoor walk, jog, bike or other activity when the weather cooperates. Be prepared with a bag of clothes to change into should an opportunity present itself.

  2. If going out in the cold for a workout, dress in layers of sweat-wicking clothes. Don’t forget to protect your extremities – warm socks, gloves and a hat. You can always shed layers as you go.

  3. Move indoors. There are several opportunities for indoor exercise in the Northwest Arkansas area. Mix it up by trying out a new machine or adding some resistance exercises. Here are a couple places to retreat to from the cold.

    • Your local gym

    • The Boys and Girls Club in Fayetteville – indoor track and pool, gym, and fitness center.

    • The Jones Center in Springdale – indoor track, pool, gym and fitness center.

    • The Bentonville Community Center – indoor track and pool, gym, and fitness center.

    • The Northwest Arkansas Mall – become a cliche mall walker, it’s fun!

  4. Pick up a new sport or fitness routine – there are plenty of indoor options to pick from, but here’s a few examples.

Whatever you choose, just keep moving! We continually see new research about the benefits of staying active on health and mental wellness, so it’s a key part in your health!