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When Your Resistance Goes Down

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When Your Resistance Goes Down

When the flu goes thru your community why doesn’t everyone get it? When the people around you at work or school are coughing and sneezing, why don’t you always catch a cold?

Gaining and understanding of how the immune system works and what strengthens or weakens it places the options for maximum immunity in your own hands. The most powerful weapons you have to strengthen your body’s own resistance to illness are how you use your mind, the food you eat, the exercise and rest your get and a proper functioning nervous system — it really is quite simple.

The nervous system can enhance, regulate, or suppress the immune response. Among the brain’s most important tools in regulating immunity are neurotransmitter. Chiropractors are specialist in removing nerve interference so that transmitting lines are clear and neurotransmitters are unhampered in stimulating the immune response to help protect you from whatever is going around! KEEP YOU RESISTANCE UP WITH CHIROPRACTIC.