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Have you ever wondered how much sleep our kids need? 

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Have you ever wondered how much sleep our kids need?

As we head back into the new school year it is important that our kids get great sleep. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep leads to lower test scores and increased mood swings. If you have noticed your child is not doing as well as you know they should, or if they are more cranky, then it is a good time to think about how much sleep they are getting.

Sleep needs according to the National Sleep Foundation (2015):

  • Ages 6-13 need 9-11 hours
  • Ages 14-17 need 8-10 hours
  • Adults need 7-9 hours

If you notice your child is struggling with homework or is having any behavior problems at school or at home you can start by having them go to sleep about 30 minutes earlier than their usual bedtime. It is also important to limit electronics and other screens before bed to help the body’s natural sleep hormones do their job, as they can be affected by light. Having a bedtime routine is also helpful, even if it is just having a wind-down time after packing lunches and making sure homework is finished!